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Real Alcantara Beats Any Imitators

Real Alcantara Beats Any Imitators

Real Alcantara is the industry standard for interior fabric in most auto vehicles. This brand first gained popularity in Italy, and became renowned for its superior style and functionality. Luxury brands across Europe, such as Ferrari and Porsche, were quick to start using Alcantara in their cars. The material is now being used by several more affordable auto brands too, and is becoming so popular that the company has expanded production to keep up with demand. 

Many imitators seek to replicate Alcantara's unique texture, but none have been successful. These cheap competitors can't match up to the quality and advantages of genuine Alcantara. Here are a few reasons why you can’t beat the real thing: 

Why Should You Choose Real Alcantara? 

It has a unique look and feel. Alcantara emulates the appearance and texture of suede while being made of completely synthetic materials, making a sleek and comfortable car interior like no other. 

It's developed by a carbon neutral company. Alcantara is made up of a blend of polyester and polyurethane, and is more environmentally friendly than similar counterparts. 

It has a wide color range. You can shop Alcantara in a wide variety of shades and different textures to match the inside of your vehicle. 

It offers OEM replacement quality. Interiors made from Alcantara can match the material that your car seats were made from, and in some cases may even exceed the original. 

Its color durability can't be beat. Most competitors' products don't stand the test of time, especially when it comes to lasting color. True Alcantara will not bleach or fade in sunlight, no matter the region's climate. You can also wash Alcantara without having to worry about sacrificing its vibrant color. 

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