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Want to buy Alcantara fabric by the yard

Want to buy Alcantara fabric by the yard

We know why you are here - you want to change the look of your car interior to freshen the touch and feel. How about we tell you there’s an affordable way to do this? You can upholster your car seat, dashboard, the headliner and the steering wheel using alcantara fabric. To upholster your car interior it is important that you have accurate measurements.

Purchasing too much Alcantara fabric will lead you to spend more than you need to and purchasing less than required will prevent you from wrapping your car interior successfully. We sure don’t want either to happen!

The good news is that there are steps you can take to measure your car seat, steering wheel, headliner accurately. Here are the steps you can take to purchase just the right amount of Alcantara fabric for your vehicle.

1. Starting with the measuring process

Before you start, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the location of each section of your car’s interior. Examining the part which you are going to wrap will help you make the accurate measurements. Car seats in particular, are typically covered with one piece of fabric and can be contained within a square or a rectangle shape. The car seat has three main sections - the deck or the seat, the inside of the backrest and the outside of it.

2. Making Measurements

Always add an additional 3 to 4 inches when you make measurements of each section. This helps during adjustments and modifications. For example, if the inside of the backrest measures 35’’ in width and 23’’ in length, you should record 38’’ x 25’’. Always record these measurements in width x length format.  

While you are measuring depth or the thickness of the cushion, you’ll need to make an additional measurement.

3. Steps to measure section-wise dimensions

To measure the dimensions accurately, all you need is a measuring tape!

For steering wheel, you need to measure:

  • Outside circumference of the steering wheel
  • Outer diameter of the steering wheel
  • Circumference of the wheel grips. The best way to calculate an accurate number is to take multiple measurements on both the top and bottom of the steering wheel and find the average.
  • Or to simplify, we sell Alcantara Multilayer in a 12” x 56” piece that will cover any wheel size.

For the seat, you need to measure:

  • Width of the front of the seat
  • Width of the back of the seat
  • Width of the middle of the seat
  • Length of the seat from the back to the front
  • Side skirt of the seat

See example: How to Measure your Car Seat for a Custom Cover

For the backrest, you need to measure:

  • The width of the backrest
  • Curvature at the top of the backrest
  • Length of the seat from top to bottom. You need to measure the front and back of the backrest.

Examples: Measure the Backrest, Backside, Top Panel for your Car Seat! and How to Measure for a Full Sheepskin Cover - Back

For the headliner, you need to measure:

  • Length
  • Width

Once you have measured the dimensions, you can convert centimeters or inches into yards by using the following tools:

If you are still unsure about how to measure your car seats, steering wheel, and headliner accurately, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Come check out our selection of Alcantara for automotive! We carry alcantara for seats, alcantara for steering wheels, alcantara for headliners and dashboards, alcantara perforated, as well as Ferrari OEM leather and Maserati OEM leather.